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UPDATE: (So I decided to allow Paypal and point commissions!)

Other nitty-gritty:
Prices on commissions are not set and can also be reccomended by the commissioner!
All commissions must be paid in USD.
Commissions can be on any subject, OCs, Fanart, backgrounds, comics, etc. (Yes I don't mind drawing mlponies :) )

Details on transactions
Payment can be done with PayPal
Payments will be made before artwork commission (because too many times I was cheated over this matter), and
I guarantee that I will get the artwork submitted to your chosen email address within one week after recieved payment
(I will supply you with the email to send the payment to) aswell as inform you of such transactions via email or Deviantart notes.
[[Send me a note, a message, or email ( if interested]]

Any commissions can be put up on my gallery unless the commissioner says otherwise.
All artwork will be in the form of digital Jpegs, Pngs, or Gifs (Jpegs are standard unless commissioner says otherwise).
If YOU would like to commission me, just send me an e-mail, deviantart note, or deviantart message with your subject of choice (as detailed in description as you wish (sending reference pictures or descriptions are best)

Please help me out,

Currently I've been participating in these contests+events:… <-- EPIC GIVEAWAY from :iconodinsbeadhall: You know you want it! Nov 30th <-- Free Giveaway from :iconsilver-moon123:! You know you want it! Dec 5th… <-- free giveaway! Check out their gallery!… <-- Draw a solar owl for raffle tickets Dec 1st… <-- Holiday Card project, Help the ill and spread love and cheer, get a free PM for one month in return! Dec 15th… <-- for the writers: secret santa! for :iconstarija: December 25th <-- Illustrate a short story! Due dec 1st…<-- Happy Halloween OC art contest for 1000 pts due Dec 1st <-- MLP Royalty Contest due Dec 10th… <-- Dec 12 Design a council member for :iconrosiarts:… <-- Christmas Theme with Dec 17th :iconcelestecorinne: <-- read his story and come up with a title and character! December 31st, 2012… <-- Dec 31st for :iconmeganlawler94: Writers wanted!…? <-- Jan 30th for :iconforunth: OC's in winter
heart-of-wildfire.deviantart.c… <-- Feb 28 big time $! For big pros :/ (oh dear) Heart wild fire for :iconheart-of-wildfire:… <-- For the Hardcore artists! (pewpewpew I dont have a good chance :( ) Due Feb 28th

Entered Contest Entries
The Gargoyle Boy by Hahli1994 for anothercontestgroup.deviantart… <-- MLP contest for OC of :iconlizyos: due jan 1st!
Neon speeding by Hahli1994 <-- Draw Nina! Due Jan 3rd! for :iconsilver-moon123:
Nina by Hahli1994…<-- Kawaii Neko Boyz! Due dec 1st
Kawaii Neko Boys by Hahli1994… <-- Another OC contest, 1000pt and 6month pm. due Dec 9th for :iconmaxmillean:
Being different's not so bad by Hahli1994 <-- For :iconshadow-guardian0:Due Nov 30 For the hardcore OCs (Kyaa I dont have a good chance here either! :( )
Kaze Pride by Hahli1994… <-- More OC stuff, Dec 1st
SeaSlug by Hahli1994
studio-moonlitxrose.deviantart… <-- Mytoko and Reiner Dec 1st <3
The Cuddle Couple by Hahli1994… <-- A whole new story! Nov 30
Scarred but Cherished by Hahli1994… <-- Sonic Galore!  29th of november
Oh Cr-AKE! by Hahli1994 <-- Anime OC! Nov 18
Tis a New Age by Hahli1994… <-- manga!!!
Comfort companion by Hahli1994… <-- more On OC contests!
Gerard y Videojuegos by Hahli1994
xswirledstrawbeare.deviantart.… <-- Do you got talent? Can be for writings, photography, and art!
Leave me be by the tree by Hahli1994GunnaHuurrlll by Hahli1994 Dear Trolls: An internet comedy"Dear Trolls,"
To all you Trolls prowling on the web,
Who never leave one complaint unsaid,
Your kind is of an utmost interesting race,
Sticking your fat noses into another person's space,
Re-commenting comments you think are rad,
While considerate viewers say "that's just sad,"
What an interesting life you all lead,
Sunken in a chair with all you need,
With chips to the left, and to the right, mountain dew,
And your bloodshot eyes stuck to the screen like glue,
You have acute eyes and ears,
To find every fault in all of your peers,
But please, can you make that hearing a bit more precise,
So that you can hear the seven billion viewers screaming,
Le Internet
Birds and BuildingsTwo set back eyes. Black with a glare of streetlight in the middle of each. Hopeful. Hungry.
A row of honey tinted fangs closed around my shattered ribs.
I was the third to be born – smallest – but I survived. Time flew by. Dandelions lowered their heads as old leaves grew orange with desire to fly. I stretched my arms out and glided across the grass and climbed along the tree branches. As I admired a sea of corn stalks waving to the sky, I heard a male's gracious caroling. Before I could think twice, I flew up to the nearby roof shingles and found him, tall and proud, singing his lungs out. His saber eyes focused upon mine; his name was Jay. With a quick leap of excitement he set his ruffled feathers straight, puffed his chest out, and filled my ears with melodies of dewy fields and summer days. Sunlight danced upon his slick blue feathers, and love galloped through the air. By next summer we were a united couple and had our own family of little chicks. Their little pink bod <-- Design a Male furry contest! Due January 12
Anthro Entry2 by Hahli1994Anthro Entry1 by Hahli1994… <-- costumes!
Contest Entry: Outfits by Hahli1994 <-- No smoking!
Hazy Decay by Hahli1994
Check them out if you're interested!

Finished Contests:… <-- Mlp! Due Nov 20th
Ghosties in the Grass by Hahli1994
Second place!…

beehivesandbouffants.deviantar… <-- Psychedelic robots and inner feelings Due Nov 20th
Inner Feelings by Hahli1994
First place!… <-- Don't know who Yukio is? Check this out!
Devouring memories by Hahli1994Cracking Memories by Hahli1994
Second place!…… <-- due on Halloween!
Shinjuru Entry by Hahli1994
First Place!

kaiyasha-amaterasu.deviantart.… <-- also due the 31st
Contest: Fursona Tech by Hahli1994
Did not win any place

cupcakes-and-coffee.deviantart… <-- Halloween Cutie
Halloween Cutie:Bitty Bitey by Hahli1994
Did not win any place… <-- Good at concept art?
Suprab3 Contest: Dagobra by Hahli1994
Won First Place! <-- Crossovers
Wata_Stock_SHADECOLOR by Hahli1994
Won Second Place!

Finished Commissions:
Protect the Rare by Hahli1994 for:iconjragin: (40)
Under the moonlight by Hahli1994 for:iconhades-angel13: (8)
Cluckulu Hungers for Your SOUL by Hahli1994 for a college friend (60)

Works from Art trades, Contests, and Friends!
Eidolon(Human): :thumb341024639:from:iconxxkainekoxx:
Eidolon+Pangwi: Sunshine by Inghelenefrom:iconinghelene:
Humanized Pangwi: :thumb336286035:from:iconbandchaos13:
Pangwi: Contest Price .:Pangwi:. by Lalaloraafrom:iconlalaloraa: Pangwi Ywi Christmas by Gatsuri from :icongatsuri: pangwi gif by Hahli1994from:iconreptilianruler:
Pangwi: Pangwi Ywi by Mini-Drachinfrom:iconmini-drachin:
Kadi: Kadi by emi-catfrom:iconemi-cat: COM- Kadi  portrait by Andy-Dorinkafrom:iconandy-dorinka: :thumb340488105:from:iconjohn--ace:
Sage: Art Trade : I am not a Zombie!! by Mimikyofrom:iconmimikyo: 2nd place Prize hahli1994 by xiao668from:iconxiao668:PC: Sage by KuraiMokinfrom:iconkuraimokin:
Sage+Nia: Sage and Nia Prize by emi-cat:from:iconemi-cat: Sage and Nia by PoizenLuLufrom:iconpoizenlulu:
Zukini: :thumb340605156:from:iconmusicsweetheart:
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kaitiakianahera Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
some people are not happy for winning dont look at it that way XD. Be positive and think of it an experience. No need to win in a contest all you need to do is compete and feeling excited about it. What your up against is always only the begginning and you do it again. YAY Good artworks everyone
jragin Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
YES!!! I, will commision you
Hahli1994 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:D I'll gladly take your commission!
KheWolf Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ooh, I'd love to commission you again!!!
It might have to wait a few weeks till I get some more paychecks, but I will definitely commission you! :glomp: :D
Hahli1994 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Apple-Gel Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Listening to 2NE1, playing The Sims 3, AND watching Black Butler? We're related...SOMEHOW.
Lexari Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i would love to help you, but I also have no money... >_<
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