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edit: Check out :iconMilanaMill:'s contest… :iconissy-kun:'s contest aswell!… Don't forget…


WELCOME fellow Deviant. So it's been a super long time since I've been able to host a contest, but I've managed to accumulate enough points to throw one together for all of you! I've begun working on the 3rd remake of my 6 year old comic "Hacheeachkee" (Hopefully this one will be legit!). 

So the idea is simple: Draw one or both of my OC's Kadi and Proroc

- You CAN draw one or the other or both, although Proroc is known to be much more difficult to draw so if you can pull it off, kudos to you! (P.S. You earn brownie points for including Kadi's younger pangwi sister (Ywi) in the picture)
Pangwi Ywi by Hahli1994 Dancing Pangwi by Hahli1994
 - You CAN submit as many entrees as you wish, but you can only win once!
- You MAY include your own OC's if you want to 
- By submitting an entry I CAN use it as promotion for Hacheeachkee but you will ALWAYS receive credit for your work. If your work contains your own OC's I will NEVER feature your OC's/redraw them in my own work without permission.
-You can make the theme anything you want! Are they meeting new aliens? Chilling out on a tropical planet? Preforming at a concert? Traveling through space? On a date? Nothing overly inappropriate! Nothing beyond a kiss!
- There MUST be a minimum of 6 entrees for the contest to continue!
- Contest ends November 1st! BUT I can extend the time if asked to!
-Entrees can be seen here:…;
-The original comic sketch can be seen here:…
-Feel free to ask me questions! Let me know if you're joining!

PRIZES: (I'm taking donations for this contest! Anyone like to help out? Lamas, points, journal features, commissions, etc?)

1st place winner:

"Winners Package from #AnotherContestGroup"
gets 600pts
Journal Feature
1 Digishade Complex
Lama, 5 favorites

2nd place winner:

gets 100pts

Journal Feature
1 Complex Character Colored
Lama 5 favorites


3rd place winner:

gets Journal Feature
1 Complex Character Colored
Lama 5 favorites


3 Honorable mentions:

Lamas and Journal Feature

(Confused about art prizes? See commission journal at the bottom of the journal for clarification :) )

Things to notice:
- Kadi's colors are orange and green, she has blue eyes, 2 yellow gems under each eye and one larger gem on her forehead, and 2 gems on her chest, This is part of her body!She does have cape/wings but they are retractable and are only summoned when she's gliding or protecting. Her outfit may be altered in anyway you wish, it does not have to be her space outfit, but nothing super inappropriate please. (Same with Proroc)

-Proroc's skin is darker than Kadi's. He has 6 horns on his head that work as his ears, they can move slightly. Pay attention to his tail, it is also the same color as his skin (messed up the coloring in the 1st comic). He has yellow eyes and markings, 2 under his right eye and 2 over is left eyebrow, as well as 2 yellow squares around each wrist and ankle, on the knucles of his hands and feet he has thick yellow thorn like nails because Machucan don't have nails like humans. Pay attention that Proroc only has 3 fingers on each hand and 2 toes (think of ninja turtles). If you're making him shirtless he has yellow square marks on his chest in the shape of a backwards L the top going from his left shoulder stoping at his left breast and continuing to his right rib, this design would be continued on the back but mirrored so everything is connected. 
Proroc has a dark lining around his eyes, this is natural. If he is embarrassed or turned on it often results in the dark shade around his eyelids to spread - so theoretically if he was very embarrassed or turned on by something his eyelids would become so dark he'd look like a panda XP.

Their personalities?
Kadi- is spunky, energetic, but humble and caring. She isn't afraid of meeting new aliens. She doesn't take jokes against her very easily. She has a secret sad past that is her main drive in exploring the universe but no one knows what that is. She has the ability of voice- she can mimic any noize/voice/etc which makes her the perfect universal pop star. Despite her popularity she treats her followers as equals.

Proroc- is a shy humble but protective guy. He lived as a tortured slave in his previous life before his planet was destroyed leaving him the very last of his species- the Machucan. He has a strong sense of attachment to Kadi and follows her on all her adventures (he doesn't really have a home to go back to anyways) and is always looking out for her. Think of him as a big marshmellow. His jagged features and strong build may be an intimidation but his eyes often give away the fact he's been raised to be subservient. He is always cautious or scared to be the one to approach an issue unless someone he cared about was in danger. He does have feelings for Kadi but is always scared about bringing it up.

-Below are some references: GOOD LUCK!!!!

Kadi (Audikendi Nemomari) and Proroc (Introproretro Triocto Sketaldaz) Tribute:

Hahli1994_Kadi by WalkerMonetArtKadi by Hahli1994Kadi and Proroc by Kirliavstomo
Kadi by strxbeCOM- Kadi  portrait by Andy-Dorinkapg 13 by Hahli1994 [Point Commission] Kadi by SeraphimBeatz Commission by xilverxparkle
The StarsThe Stars
It was sudden -
And I was alone.
With no idea where to look...
How to even begin to look for you.
But after waiting,
And wishing,
I had to accept the truth...
That you were not coming back.
I prayed that I would find you soon.
It was the only thought that crossed my mind.
Because I knew that you needed me,
And deep down, I knew it wouldn't be long,
Before I'd be on my own.
So I looked to the stars
That hang high above
To bring you home to me,
Or I to you.
I never gave up.
I never let myself think the worst.
I kept searching...
I kept searching...
Asking the darkness where you were hiding.
Asking my sisters the limits of my head,
Since I could not seem to find,
At all where you had went.
But I never lost hope.
I never gave up the search.
Looking past what I could understand,
I travelled far and wide.
Far from where I was born.
And although I always tried to be positive,
After so many revolutions of clock hands -
It was so hard...
So, so hard...
But there were others,
Kadi by Hahli1994 Hacheeachkee Comic front cover by Hahli1994
Zombie Kadi by Hahli1994Kadi singing Christmas by Hahli1994Behind the smile by Hahli1994 Back Page by Hahli1994:thumb389095148:pg 14 by Hahli1994Comfort companion by Hahli1994Realistic K and P by Hahli1994
Dance3 by Hahli1994Proroc Blue by Hahli1994Proroc and Kadi wave by Hahli1994Sample Pg9 by Hahli1994Cakachri Characters by Hahli1994

A looonnngg work in progress... but we'll see where this goes...

Hacheeachkee by Hahli1994

For those looking for commissions to buy:
LIMITED SALE by Hahli1994
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QiXiuArt Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this contest still open?
Hahli1994 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
indeed it is. the more people you can get to join the better :3
QiXiuArt Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Even if it's not, I made an entry for it :)


If the contest is closed, then consider this fan art ;P
magicwingsforever Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I am here on behalf of #AnotherContestGroup I =magicwingsforever have listed your contest in our journals. Feel free contact us if you have any questions or deadline/details changes, but be sure to check our FAQ anothercontestgroup.deviantart… first! We did this to help get your contest more noticed with over 7000 watchers currently all with a common interest of contests - perhaps watch us if you're not already for this and more information. Also please send us a note if you're interested in our Winner's Package, which is free and gets you more prizes for your contest.
Thank you.   :iconmagicwingsforever::iconanothercontestgroup::iconacg-pointsdonations:
xxXXDiomE777XXxx Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
what's a digishade complex?
Hahli1994 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Down at the bottom of the journal entry is the "commission's list" under the Hacheeachkee image which has an example
basically digitally shaded complex commission which is worth 8$.
xxXXDiomE777XXxx Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh. okay,. maybe i'll join if i have time to spare.
Hahli1994 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure :) if you join and need the contest to be extended that's no problem.
xxXXDiomE777XXxx Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh.. okay thanks for the infoo.. btw.. i am also hosting a contest.. if you want to join, please just comment your entry on the comment box.. thank you..…
i hope you join..// :)
Hahli1994 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Perhaps, I've got a lot on my plate this month tho, but ill look into it
xxXXDiomE777XXxx Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thanks! take care!
Hahli1994 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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